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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 5, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning -- demonstrators and police clash as protests turn more tense overnight. thousands taking to the streets expressing in the chokehold death of a man by new york police. we are live with the latest. new this morning, an emergency landing for a passenger plane. the pilots forced to touch down while looking through this. a smashed windshield. it's a great white. it's a great white. >> shark sighting. a great white coming dangerously close to shore at a popular beach. this is target! >> and a rally cry that target employees epicc step talk. all of it is going viral.
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and good friday morning to you all, we begin today with protesters filling city streets for a second-straight night. >> the demonstrators drawing large crowds in new york, chicago, dallas and other cities. >> the group is expressing outrage about the grand jury decision not to indict a new york police officer who's chokehold killed a man. elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: demonstrators on the move. yet another night defiant and determined from portland to new york. police making more arrests with protesters standing in solidarity blocking streets and demanding justice. >> it's empowering, but at the same time you feel like there, you know, you feel helpless because you wish there was more you could do. >> reporter: by now the world has seen this video. the grand jury, abc news has learned, has watched four
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separate videos of the moments leading to eric garner's death. garner, accused of selling loose cigarettes, taken down by officer daniel pantaleo. it was a chokehold. he is heard saying i can't breathe 11 times before he stops moving. and calling it senseless in an interview with katie couric. >> why? you have seen him die on national tv just like everybody else. why? >> reporter: this after a grandn ferguson chose not to indict an officer in the shooting death of michael brown left thousands feuding. and the civil rights investigation, and the nypd is retraining every officer in the use of physical force against suspects. calling it talk down, don't take
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down. reena and t.j. >> elizabeth hur, live in new york. thanks so much. >> even though officer pantaleo said it was not a chokehold, the medical examiner thought differently. >> garner's death was ruled a homicide, why no charges. dan abrams breaks it down. >> the homicide means death at the hands of another. the primary cause of death was the police officer's actions. but there are defenses to that. and in this case, the police officer said he was you haved with -- justiced, and they believed he was. >> we have live coverage coming up on "good morning america." the justice department says there are problems in the cleveland police department from top to bottom. the latest was a boy carrying a toy gun who was shot to death by an officer two seconds after the officer arrived on scene. there are frequent civil rights violences in cleveland. they will intervene.
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police are looking for a man accused of killing three people. the bradenton man's wife, a neighbor and the pastor of the church where the wife worked. they were killed at the suspect's home. he went to the church and shot the minister. their six children are in protective custody. chilling new details about the stabbing death of an american teacher at a shopping mall in abu dhabi. she was targeted because she was american. the woman who stabbed her was not working alone. her home was a base of operations. and she's accused of planting a bomb outside of another american's home. time may be running out for an american in yemen. a u.s. military raid freed other hostages, but not luke somers. their primary goal. that angered his captors, they will kill him by the end of the week if their demands are not
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met. the family is pleading for his life. >> he's a photo journalist and not responsible for the u.s. government. >> give us an opportunity to see our luke again. he is all that we have. >> the group holding somers is affiliated with al qaeda. he was captured a year ago. the captors call the rescue attempt a foolish action. and taking aim at the philippines -- excuse me, putting 32 million people at risk. tens of thousands fled their homes, depleting store shelves on their way to evacuation centers. the typhoon is making land fall tomorrow, but can change course at any time. southern california cleanup crews are beginning to clean up the mud. it could take days to remove the sludge and tow away the cars mired in it. in some cases, up to the
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windshields, trapping the drivers and passengers. the good news, the rain has moved out of southern california. northern california, more wet weather. as much as 2 inches could fall from san francisco to seattle. ice storm warnings posted in the cascades. and expect rain, sleet and snow from the mid-gulf coast all the way north to maine. and plan on seasonal readings, 780s in the south, 30s in the north, 50s and 60s everywhere else. weather threatened to cause problems for the orion spacecraft. yesterday it was launched because wind gusts and problems with the rocket. they will test systems as nasa works towards a possible mars mission. well, in washington last night it was a president's turn to get into the holiday spirit. >> this was pretty cool video. if you haven't seen, president obama and the first family on hand to light the christmas tree behind the white house.
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but it came during the event's musical segment. there it is, the president giving santa clause a high five on stage. but it's not over yet. chblts t >> the president did some dancing, thumbs up and carrying a microphone. a good time by all. he's got moves. >> santa as well. and the daily dose, a new study about asprin and when it does more harm than good. and midair scare. what caused a plane's windshield to shatter. new pictures of the damage in. plus ship wrecked, a bad day on the water for a sail boat team during a race.
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and despite a sometimes bumpy ride, investors have faith in uber. the ride hailing service now valued at more than $40 billion after raising another $1.2 billion in financing. it's above linked in, twitter and netflix. but there have been potholes, privacy, sexism and unfair competition. and amazon getting the own line of diapers. it's caused always elements available to those who are prime members. and in addition to the diapers, there are also wipes. buyers can have regular shipments weekly or monthly. and expecting duck boots under the christmas tree this year, good luck. l.l. bean has 60,000 pairs on back order as we speak. they are adding more workers and
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equipment. santa needs more workers. they won't be done until february. and starbucks has plans to double sales over the next five years including a mobile app to allow the customer to pay in advance using the smartphone in order to avoid the long lines. they are expanding their evening, food and alcoholic beverages as options. and two wilt chamberlain stamps on sale today. show the 7 foot one player. he is the first u.s. player to be honored on stamps. there will be a ceremony during the sixers game. and the stamp is half an inch taller than usual. >> need space when you're 7'1". >> and the first daughter in hanky panky on the white house roof. >> okay. and the crime that mark wahlbergments ripped from his
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so most of us faced with a flat tire on an icy road would wait for aaa to show up. but this russian driver got creative, removed the tire, got the sled out of the trunk, jammed under the axle. makeshift tire that got him to the repair shop. >> that's inventive. >> a for effort. >> always have a spare. especially heading to work, watch for rain and ice. and expect wet roadways around the mississippi and ohio valley. and flying, airport delays possible in kansas city and san francisco. bill cosby is filing a lawsuit against the woman accusing him of sexual assault. >> judy huth says she was assaulted in 1974.
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his suit is claiming that she is lying and is filing the case after failing to extort money. he is asking the judge to dismiss her lawsuit and seeking monetary damages from her and her attorney. mark wahlberg wants his record wiped clean. he was 16 years old and convicted of assault and served some jail time. he believes a pardon may inspire troubled kids to do the right thing and turn their lives around. they see bears in this florida subdivision. a woman was walking a dog, and the pet panicked, and pulled on the leash, knocking her down. >> she fell to the ground in the road and a bear came and hit her on her arm and then left the area. >> her injuries, they aren't considered life threatening. authorities are warning residents to keep trash cans
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closed. wildlife experts say it's the oak trees attracting the bears, they want the acorns. and the risk of low dose aspirin may outweigh the benefits, at least for some women. a study evaluated 28,000 women between 45 and 65. those taking low dose aspirin saw some protective effects against heart disease and colon cancer, but also reported large increases in some side effects. a body shop in portland, oregon, has some explaining to do. the manager was caught driving a customer's car in the middle of the night. she got a ticket in the mail. the manager ran a red light. that's a manager driving with a woman in the car. the time, 3:00 in the morning. they said they were taking it for a test drive. find out what's wrong with the car. reena's not buying that. >> not one bit.
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>> just putting in extra hours. this is a collision between a plane and a bird. a united flight had to return to a vermont airport yesterdays after it struck a bird shattering the windshield. they landed safely, nobody hurt. and a crew in an around the world foot race caught on camera as their boat runs aground on a reef in the indian ocean. hours later, we see the extent of the damage. the crew is fine and rescued. back on land. their hope is the boat can be repaired and they can continue racing. and fishermen with an unexpected run in with a great white shark. the shark circled 50 yards off the beach for an hour. it has lots of small bait fish which predators try to catch. how can you blame them. >> well -- sharks, they scare
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me. >> it was just sharks. >> okay. >> how about football? >> i'm okay with that. the conference championships this weekend, ahead of the playoff selections. >> highlights from last night's sports action from espn. >> this is the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. he's stan, i'm neil. this is serious business. >> we got thursday night football to talk about. cowboys and bears. dallas, trying to get to 6-0 on the road this season. and a ninth win would help them keep pace, at least in the win column in the afc east. romo, 26 of 26, 3 touchdowns, no picks. third quarter, goes to beasley again. and the cowboys are up 21-7. but demarco murray carried most of the load for the cowboys. he touched the ball on 41 of their 62 plays. 32 carries, 179 yards, along with 9 catches for 49 yards. cowboys win it 41-28 over the
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bears. >> you know lebron james averages just under 30 points a game at madison square garden. third most of any player all time. that's how good he is. good there. cavs lead in the fourth over the knicks whob struggling. kyrie irving, james, stop looking at my lemonade. looked like that hurt. this is the play of the game i decided. knicks are 4-16. cavs by three. >> i thought when they got phil jackson in the front office and derrick fischer as the coach, it would smooth out. needs work. >> that was what was supposed to happen. >> back to you. all right, up next in the pulse. he's back. arnold schwarzenegger and the new terminator trailer. and the pint size surfer who's being called a legend in the making.
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. time now to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about today. beginning with the new termin e terminatterminat terminator movie. >> the trailer leaped online yesterday before the studio's planned release date. >> john here to save you. >> from the terminator that was sent back to kill me, i know. but we took care of him. >> we? >> i have been waiting for you. >> and guess who leaked the trailer? the original terminator himself, arnold schwarzenegger. >> he said terminators don't wait for time, they create them. i'm back. >> i'm sure the director liked that. and jenna bush hager, reflecting on her times in white house. >> the 34-year-old mom says she
4:23 am
may have had hanky panky back in the day, saying there was a kiss on the white house roof saying her husband was the lucky man. >> that's okay. >> that's g-rated. and sasha and malia obama, they are fiercely protective of them. >> good to hear. got her back. and a target store manager's pep talk is going viral. scott simmons simms says he wanted to get everyone excited before this target store opened thursday night. >> he's a big fan of epic movies and they have a rousing speech before the battle. >> they come with bargains in their heads and fire in their eyes. and we shall give those bargains to them. we will show them that we are not just the best store in this neighborhood, but the best store anywhere. because we are more than just a store, this is a team.
4:24 am
this is a family. this is target! [ cheers and applause ] >> you got to give him a lot of credit. >> you do. that was good. >> rallying the troops. that's not his normal job. he's a clerk in the electronics department. >> he deserves a promotion after that speech. that's the best thing that's happened to target this year. >> that's low. >> i do love my target. i will say that. and finally, a great surfing video from hawaii. looks normal, a couple dudes. but watch on the left side of the screen. >> one of the guys is little. that's 5-year-old stevie roeberson looking effortless. wow. on his board. the youngest of three. he goes by the nickname baby steve in the surfing community. >> he and his brothers are all coached by their dad who's a pro surfer. no wonder he's so ready. for some of you, your local
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, it is 4:27 a.m., december 5. we're following the latest leads for shane montgomery. friends and family are trying to finds him later today. protesters take to the street for a second day in a row in new york city. official eagles station is getting you pumped for sunday's showdown with the sea hawks. accuweather and traffic are coming up on "action news." don't go away! guys. their take on the news. >> from the rain in california to dumb criminals and the white house christmas tree lighting. here are your "friday funnies."
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>> i don't want to alarm anyone, but i feel it's my responsibility as a broadcaster to tell you that water is falling from the sky. if you have to go home now to say good-bye to your families, i understand. >> it's raining in l.a. the whole city smells like well ugg boots. >> it's been a tough week for los angeles parents because they have had to explain from their children what that stuff coming from the sky is. kids under 5 have never seen it before. >> the windshield wipers, they were panicked. what are those things, daddy? >> in malibu, they triggered the muds that stopped the mudslides that were from the fires triggered by the riots. it came full circle. >> the pickup truck around the bend here. get that buy on the street. you will see it in a second. police officers rolling in, tackling that guy, throwing him down to the ground. that suspect is in custody.
4:29 am
>> go to the x games. pretty cool, huh? it would be funny, in 25 years when he gets out of prison and they hand him back his belongings, and one of those items is a giant skateboard. >> two men dressed as batman and captain america tried to rob someone as a gas station. yeah, they're being charged with attempted robbery and mixing marvel with d.c. >> president obama hit the national christmas tree. >> five, four, three, two, one -- hey! >> isn't that beautiful? it's the only thing his wife lets him light anymore. >> he doesn't smoke anymore. good for him. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." everybody, have yourself a great weekend.
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>> developing on friday, december 5. police face off with protesters who are upset over decisions not to indict officers from two deadly incidents. we'll have a live report from new york city. >> accuweather is tracking rain for today and the weekend. >> let's find about that, it's friday, december 5, let's go over to david murphy and matt pellman in for karen. >> reporter: i saw a little moon peeping through the clouds when i


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